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People In Church
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Elder Jeremiah Ware

Senior Pastor

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Elder Terrance Ible

Associate Minister/Praise Team


Deacon Charlie Little

Senior Deacon/Financial Officier

Liberty Church of God by Faith

Men's Department

Seeking the Heart of God

Men in Ministry

We long to seek and love the Lord while He can be found, and we want to be a faithful lover of people. So, seek the Lord’s heart often—as He loves your heart. Enjoy God’s pleasure! 
“Our God lovingly looks after all those who seek him” (Ezra 8:22, MSG).

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Pastor's Appreciation
14 Years of Service

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Liberty Church of God by Faith Women's Department

There’s Always Something Going On

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Women + Faith

Liberty Church of God by Faith Women's Department, mission is to model and exemplify a positive image and God-like character in women, young and mature; so they are encouraged, educated, empowered and enlightened for personal betterment.

The mission is to address the "total woman" -in Mind, Body, and Spirit, through principle foundations:

Prayer to pray for your needs so that the will of God prevails

Fellowshipping to build bonds as we foster each other in sisterly love.

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